Lush Magical Moringa Review!

Leslie here with another review!

I’ve been using a lot of new skincare lately, and have been LOVING the results of it all. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on a recent pick up from Lush, the Magical Moringa moisturizer. L’eggo!

Let me preface this by saying that, over the summer, I avoided oil in my face products (daytime only!) like the plague. I even separated out all my skincare into drawers based on ingredients. I thought for sure this would help with my overactive dew. But while visiting Lush recently, I tried this product on the back of my hand and was so in love with the feel that I had to get it to try- even though it has a TON of oils in it.

The Product:

LUSH Magical Moringa Facial Moisturizer, available online and at shops, $24.95. Packed with things I typically avoid like Argan Oil, Moringa Oil, Organic Rose Hip Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Rosewood Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Vetivert Oil, & Sandalwood Oil. OIL, OIL, BUTTER, OIL, BUTTER…basically.


The Claims:

This product is supposed to prime and moisturize all in one step, leaving skin velvety matte and smooth.

Perfectly primed: The beautiful blend of butters, oils and corn flour keeps makeup set for the day.

Shine-free zone: Its mattifying effect makes this one ideal for keeping oily skin in check.

The magic of moringa: Moringa is often called the miracle plant in Africa, where it’s used as food, medicine and more.

The Application:

As with all Lush products, scent is on point. It smells very fresh, and natural. The product comes in a ‘melt’ form as they call it, which means you have to warm it up before applying to skin. It’s kind of hard in the tub, so scraping out can be a *touch* annoying. And you can’t go jar-to-face! You have to warm it up first! But as soon as you get it in between your fingers, it melts down and can be applied to the face.

It INSTANTLY dries down, mattifies, and even smooths the skin. Like- how? How are you doing this? you are made of butter and oil!

I find that there are a few products I might put on before hand that it doesn’t play nice with, which just means it will ball up with each other and flake off. This is really best over freshly washed skin (which is difficult for me because I have so many AM products I like to use!)

The Wear:

Of the foundations I tried on top of this, all have applied beautifully. This has absolutely extended the wear time of my makeup that goes on top AND it keep me matte longer. Again- how Lush!? I also feel that with all those nourishing oils, my face feels and looks very healthy and hydrated, while also staying grease free.

The Verdict:

I was totally skeptical trying this, but it has completely blown me away! It keeps me nourished and hydrated, while also priming and mattifying my skin. I would absolutely recommend this if you have oily skin! The only thing I would say is that there are some things I have to change about my routine now (can’t use certain serums beforehand, etc) to make this work its best- but it is so worth it!

The more I try new things, the more I am seeing that my skin prefers natural products and ingredients. So I’m glad this worked out for me so well!


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