#GFF – Five Favorite Drugstore Concealers

Happy Friday! Leslie here 🙂

My recent(ish) post comparing new releases of high end concealers has been so popular, I wanted to do a post featuring some of the best concealers at the drugstore! You don’t need to spend $30 on something you can go to CVS and pick up for $7.99. So let’s get into it!

The first one on my list is a much loved, cult fave- the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer. I even have multiple shades in this- which is rare for me. maybelline-instant-age-rewind-collectionThis concealer is available for $8.99 and comes in 6 six shades, including a Neutralizer and a Brightener. Below are swatches of the shades Brightener, Fair, & Neutralizer.


This concealer is so lightweight, but still covers any darkness under my eyes. The Fair shade is my go to, basic under eye shade. But the Brightener is great for those with fair to light skin with pink undertones that really want to look AWAKE. So when I need an extra lil’ boost, I use that one under my eyes. I use the Neutralizer the least, as its not an ideal shade for under my eyes, but the yellow tones are great for masking large areas of redness.

Oh- and its a treatment too! Over time, it will help to diminish fine lines and dark circles. So you really MUST try it.


Next up, let’s go with another Maybelline product, the Fit Me Concealer. This is $6.99, and I have the shade 10-Light. With the shade I currently have, this is perfect for the little bit of redness I get around my nose. And it lasts all day through oil, humidity, whatever! The finish can be comparable to the Naked Skin Weightless Concealer. I have not tried this under my eyes, as the shade I got is a little dark. But they do  carry 2 additional shades lighter than this (6 total) so there is an option for me out there!


Another great option at the drugstore, is the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer. This comes in only 3 shades, all of which are really light. Ulta only carries 3 of the six shades, available for $7.99. I have light/medium-210, and its still very light on my skin. Because it is so light, lightweight, and not super full coverage (see swatches of all below, lil freckle peaking through) I like to use this to highlight my face. I have things on my face that I DON’T want to cover up, like freckles. So this brings a nice light, oil-free, matte highlight to the high points of my face!


Regrettably, I take my photos prior to beginning my post. And as I was composing I realized that the next concealer I want to talk about, which is actually my favorite from the drugstore, is no longer available! The Loreal Visible Lift Blur Concealer is SO GOOD with packaging that is SO CRAP- so maybe they are discontinuing just to re-release in new packaging?? A girl can hope. This concealer – still available online at Walmart for $10.77!- is the perfect brightening shade and really masks tired, old eyes. I’d use it more if I didn’t hate the packaging so much. I have the shade 301-Fair, which you can see swatched below.


Lastly, this is more of a treatment/skincare/pre-makeup item, but I think it has great coverage for what it is! It is the Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller (previously called Skin Renew, this is the old packaging.) Available for $12.99 and comes in ONE shade, so you might find that it doesn’t work as well for you. But I love to use this during my skincare routine prior to makeup. It masks any darkness I may have under the eyes, while cooling and refreshing with the metal roller ball application. The salmony color cancels out purple tones in bags, and you can highlight on top without losing coverage. It is the most expensive on the list, but it is also a treatment, containing Vitamin C & Caffeine, to really brighten up the area!


Here are swatches of all the concealers next to each other. I would recommend trying some of these out!



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