Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation #foundationfriday

Yaaas-lie here! This week for Foundation Friday I am going go over my thoughts on the new(ish) Blur Liquid from Milk Makeup. Milk is one of those super trendy brands with the super artistically simple packaging and millennials are losing their g-d minds over it.

I’ve only tried a few things from Milk (see my thoughts on the Blur Stick here), but when ThaTaylaa RAVED about this one, I had to give it a try! So let’s. get. in. to. it.

The Product

Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation, 1 oz for $40. Available in 16 shades from Sephora (and Urban Outfitters for some reason? trendy AF)


I ordered mine online and picked up Light- described as “light with pink undertones” – but I am gonna have to disagree with that assessment. This shade is soooo yellow toned, and is kind of light for me. But that’s on me – 🙂

Packaging, as mentioned, is super simple and so 2017. Very no-nonsense.


The Claims

Full coverage

Matte Finish

All Skin types (except dry?)

Ultra-weightless, instantly minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections

This product is vegan, oil-free, gluten-free, silicone-free, and cruelty-free.

The Application

From the diary of….initial thoughts when applying:

  • Feels very lightweight
  • Color is off, yellow and too light (for my personal pref – I typically go a few shades darker than my body and it WORKS OK? #freckleprobs)
  • Sitting in pores, showing as light dots all over
  • Cakey around nose
  • Sets itself but not drying
  • Pretty decent coverage in one layer
  • Easy to spread quickly, very creamy.
  • smells baaaad. like chemically paint or something.

a full-on monet


It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.

I had a difficult time with this around my nose, no matter what prep work was underway prior to application. It settled into pores, was cakey, or was just patchy. I feel like redness was not fully covered, and it never really did much in the way of ‘blurring’.

The Wear

Ugh. I mean. I don’t know.

I wanted to like it! I wanted to so bad!

But no matter what prep work happened, it just did not last on my skin. Rubbed completely away in some areas, redness showing through, that lovely pooling around the nose. Gross.


Sure, 12 hours is a long time to expect a foundation to last a while. But I 100% am not trying to do my makeup more than once in a day. And the weather has been super mild lately, so I can’t even imagine how bad the wear is through the hot summer months!

The Verdict

What’s to love: cool packaging? lightweight feel on the skin.

Not so much: does not last on my oily skin; blends super weird and doesn’t cover redness; nose pool party. Ended up oily but with dry, patchy areas by the end of the day. Also smells pretty terrible, and there isn’t even SPF.

NOW LISTEN- this says you’re supposed to shake before applying. And I didn’t read the instructions because, well, its a foundation and I’ve applied foundation a thousand times so … I didn’t read them. And I didn’t shake it up the first few times I applied it.

So. Maybe that is why things weren’t applying correctly? “Shake well to activate blurring microspheres, then apply one or two drops to fingertips“. I’m trying ONE LAST time today (#foundationfriday), applying as directed. Will update HERE if any thoughts change:

I mixed this with my beloved Perricone MD today, which helped with the shade and it definitely blended out better. I still did not use my fingers, per the directions, but got nice blended coverage with a dense Real Techniques foundation brush. It is holding up much better throughout the day, but Perricone is my fail safe, and I don’t really think this $40 is worth it to always use as a mixer.

On The List to Try

Blur Stick was a hard pass for me, but I’d love to try the Blur Spray. Oooo and the Flex Concealer! Have you tried these? Are they yay or nay??


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