Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation

Leslie here!! I hope your week is going just PEACHY. It’s time again for another #FoundationFriday, and this week I am going to get all up in that Peaches and Cream!

I have been really failing on my ‘no-buy’, and Too Faced’s Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation was first on my list to try! As a lover of the Sweet Peach palette, I was actually not very excited about a lot of the Peaches and Cream Collection. Maybe I’m too old to appreciate the cutesy packaging. But packaging aside, I have seen rave reviews on this particular piece of the line! So let’s see if it is peach PERFECT!

The Product

Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation, available in 12 shades. $36 for 1.6 oz, which is 60% more than your usual foundation! That makes this around $22.50 / ounce. Pretty good for a ‘prestige’ brand! Comes in a tube with a handy pump, and is also exclusive to Sephora (the entire Peaches and Cream collection is). So there’s that.


(I actually dislike packaging like this for purely aesthetic reasons when storing. I have a tray in my Ikea drawers, and all my pretty little foundation bottles play nice and stand up all together. And a tube doesn’t really work with all that. It’s too tall to even stand up, with all dem extra ounces of product! But I digress)

I got the shade Nude – Very Light with Rosy Undertones. 

“Very Light”


this swatch looks yellow, but I swear it is more rosy than yellow.

This shade does seem to oxidize, or dry down, or whatever folks want to call it these days. This photo shows some leftover after some seemingly rather messy application that has since dried down, oxidized, and also – has not budged:


The ‘rosy’ undertones turn into a really peachy/orange shade, but I can make it work on my face.

At least I think I can. And ignorance is bliss, right?

The Claims

Oil-Free, 14 Hour Wear, Oil Control, Photo Friendly, Transfer Resistant, Medium Coverage.

Straight and to the point. I like it

Sephora goes on to add that it is suitable for all skin types, smells like peaches and sweet fig cream, and is never cakey or mask-like.

The Application

Real time, first impressssh thoughts:

  • medium coverage, more with a brush
  • settled into forehead lines a tiny bit
  • kind of set itself, a comfortable matte finish, not drying
  • shade pretty spot on
  • my pores look INVISIBLE
  • um hi. my skin looks amazing.


This foundation actually suggests using fingertips or a sponge. I find that I get the best application with a brush/sponge combo. Just a brush alone can get a bit streaky.

I DO NOT like the smell of this stuff. It smells zero percent like peaches and I don’t know what Sweet Fig smells like, but never bring one to me as a gift if it smells like this. It smells just like the HangoverX primer from Too Faced. Which is super strange to me considering their ingredient decks are hella different. But if you like the smell of that primer, you’ll be aight.

The shade, as I mentioned, does change a bit from first application. But it never got too orangey on my face.

And this foundation made my skin look so smooth!! I love the finish this gives!

The Wear

This thing was put through the ringer its first day on my face! Applied at 630AM, I did not get home to wash it off until 2AM the next morning! And I could not BELIEVE how good my face still looked. Long wearing is a REQUIREMENT for a foundation for me. So color me impressed, because that is almost 20 hours of wear!! {Now I will sidebar to say that I was drinking this night, so on one hand “Sweet, it held  up through a craft beer bottle share!” and on the other hand – there is a direct correlation between how much you drink and how good you think you look.}

This first wear was done with no primer, just a skin care combo that I feel does a great job at moisturizing and priming my skin for the day. The next few times I wore it I used a few different primers, and I gotta be honest. I think the primers hurt the wear rather than helped it. I got greasy, and the foundation was rubbing off and moving around. (Another check mark in my current anti-primer column)

I like it best over my current favorite moisturizer, Paula’s Choice Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30. With this product, I get the same smoothing finish, and there is no slippering around by EOD. I do get a touch shiny, and it starts to look a little meh (to me, i’m super picky) by the end of a regular, non marathon drinking day. But after 12 hours, it still looks better than most!


No primer, on top of PC’s Super Light Wrinkle Defense –  After 12 hours! And I even had sunglasses on at some point.

My lippie may not have held up very well – but the foundation! No loss of coverage! It only got a little weird right around my nose, which you can’t even see from this angle. So, impressed fo sho.

**sidebar, lashes were on POINT that day. I used the combo Tarteist Lash Paint & Best in Faux Extending Fibers. LOVE.**

The Verdict


What’s to love: Very easy to apply, smoothing matte finish (pores-b-gone), lasts EXTREMELY long on the skin. You get so much for your money, and in an easy to use pump. Very comfortable for most of the day.

Not so much: The scent. Holey moley I hates it. The current shade range is lacking, and it does oxidize a skosh. No SPF is a bummer too, but that can be acquired from other products.

Overall, I give this foundation a 9/10. It is up there with one of the best, and I think it could work for many different skin types and skill levels. Leslie Here approved!


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