Fall Favorites – September 2016

Was September super busy for anyone else?? I feel like time FLEW.

I added a few new beauties to my collection this month, and I also fell back in love with some blasts from the past. Keep reading to see what I was loving in September!

Last month, I cashed in my Birchbox points on a full size of the Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash.


I had previously sampled this in a box, and really loved it, so I was glad to finally get the full size! It is a very gentle foaming cleanser with the highest-grade natural ingredients (99.5% naturally derived, 51% organic). It is PERFECT for the AM because of the spearmint and lime- it is so fresh and really wakes me up. I feel like I’m washing my face in a cool mountain spring somewhere.

Another result of Birchbox cashing in is the Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer. I talked about this in my Gimme Five Friday – Breakup with Breakouts, but I just love it so much! I swear I don’t even need a primer when I use this! FAVE FAVE FAVE.


To stay in the same vein as skincare, I’ll move right along to a new fave facial spray of the month. I have been loving the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater.


Dare I say- this has replaced my MAC Fix+?? I do dare. I use this after my makeup is all done to set everything down, make the powders all mesh into one. It doesn’t leave my face greasy, but gives the right amount of ‘lived in dew’. Look- if an oily girl can do it- anyone can! Oily skin needs moisture too! Oh- and it’s SEVEN DOLLARS. Can’t beat it.

While the Kiehl’s has me pretty much covered for primer on my oily areas, I have been using the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother in drier places of my face, like under my eyes and my forehead wrinkles.


When I first received this, I was very confused. I was not expecting it to be a balm-like product. It comes in a compact- with no applicator. Which is fine because I just swirl my fingers in a bit, then smooth out under my eyes. This is great at filling in fine lines and pores. It DOES mattify as well- but as the day goes on, it gets a little too greasy for my in my t-zone. So I typically only use this under my eyes, or drier areas.

Because I was so busy- and tired, I rediscovered a concealer this month: the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye® Anti-Aging Concealer.


Boasting to be your ‘8 hours of sleep in a tube’, this stuff is LEGIT. It is a very thick concealer that will seriously last you all day. It covers all that tired, but blends out so nicely (especially over the MAC skin smoother)- keeping the area looking nice and hydrated. I have a full size that has seen better days, but honestly the travel size is MORE than enough to last you to its expiration date. You need just a teensy, itty bitty bit. It also has skincare benefits to help treat the under eye area as it conceals. Win win!

I also finally gave in to the color correcting fad, and purchased a color correcting palette. And I actually like it!


I went budget friendly for my first go at it- the Nyx Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer. This has six different color correcting shades for all your needs! What I like about this is the formula- it isn’t oily or greasy. Which works perfect for me because the areas I generally need to correct are the oiliest!


The yellow and green are great for redness correcting. I like to use the salmon color to mask any darkness under my eyes, and the purple to brighten up! (the swatch on my hand is the It Cosmetics concealer I mentioned- that is one tiny dot blended out!)

Should I do a post about how I use the palette?? ‘Yes Leslie- yes you should!’

And lastly, I lost my mind on yet another Limited Edition face item from Becca Cosmetics.


The Blushed with Light Palette from Becca is an Ulta exclusive and will be in stores 10/13! As soon as I saw the shades in this palette- I just had to have it. And this is a great chance to try a variety of blushes from the brand.



The palette includes, from left to right, Wisteria, Songbird, and Snapdragon. That Songbird though?? I can’t. EVEN. Songbird and Snapdragon are available individually, but Wisteria is exclusive to this palette.

I tried to make September a ‘no buy’ month, but see how well that went? Maybe October will be better!

What have you been loving??


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