Gimme Five Friday – Breakup with Breakouts

Breakouts. You hate ’em right? I hate ’em myself!

I’ve struggled with bad skin most of my teen-to-adult life, until only the past few years or so. Most of it was due to not taking care of myself – eating crappy food and living a ‘party’ lifestyle. But that is only half the battle. One day I made a whim of a purchase because of something I saw in a magazine, and my whole skincare world turned upside down. Thus begun my skincare obsession.

I wanted to share with you the tried and true products that have really helped my skin get, and stay, clear and balanced.


A note about my skin, before we get started. I have very oily skin, with rare dry patches just around the perimeter. My skin is also very sensitive and prone to breaking out. For this reason, I have to stay away from most products specifically targeted to or labeled as ‘Acne Treatment’. You will notice on this list, only one calls itself an acne treatment. I save intense acne treatments for spot healing. Acne treatments are meant to dry out the skin, and often have irritants that can cause redness, purging, or overproduction of oil.

Oh- and I also have AGING skin. I’m not getting any younger, and anti-aging is always an underlying concern in my skin care, whether I’m targeting my pores or my breakouts.

So one day, couple years ago?, I was perusing through a magazine and saw an ad for a trial size of the Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, with free shipping to boot! So I impulsively ordered it, and I have not looked back since. The BHA liquid exfoliants are used after cleansing- I pour a little bit out on a cotton pad and swipe all over my face the way I would a toner.


I am currently using the RESIST Daily Pore-Refining Treatment With 2% BHA. The 2% BHA is not entirely comprised of salicylic acid with this one, so  I find that it is more gentle and does not leave my face feeling like I just put something all over it. It has a water light feel. It also contains more anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients. I would highly recommend trying any of the BHA exfoliants from Paula’s Choice- they have some for all skin types!

Although I have switched up which BHA exfoliant I use from PC, it will always have a place in my routine. Within a few days, my breakout, which used to be concentrated all over my cheeks, were disappearing! My skin was so smooth and clear!

If you use my link to order- we BOTH get $10 off!

Paula's Choice Skincare

The next couple things will sound like a broken record, BUT – they have truly helped my skin stay clear and balanced.

The first one is the Tarte Maracuja Oil. Are you surprised?


Tarte Maracuja oil clears up my skin. It just does.

*Science Break* Oils contain fatty acids- each one with a different combination and makeup. There are many different fatty acids that make up oil, but there are two important ones that will determine for most if an oil will work for them: oleic acid and linoleic acid. Not all oils have the right balance of these two for oily or acne prone skin.

Plant oils high in linoleic acid are ideal for those with acne prone skin, because typically acne prone skin is lacking its natural linoleic acid. When this happens, your skin tends to overcompensate by producing more sebum (which is usually high in oleic acid). Sebum produced with oleic acid, or high in oleic acid can block pores and cause whitehead and blackheads.

Maracuja oil is broken down to 12% Oleic and 77% Linoleic, so leans very much so towards being an acne prone godsend. It helps to clear the acne, heal breakouts, and help to fade acne scars. This oil also plumps up my skin, diminishing fine lines, and brightens everything up!


The other frequent flyer is the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment. No, this is not a cheap product. But I made the beautiful mistake of getting a sample at Sephora one day, and now I never want to be without it.

This is a lactic acid treatment that ” immediately exfoliates dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells, revealing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin.” And they ain’t lyin’! It retexturizes my skin, and unclogs pores for a glowing, clear complexion. Go get a sample and try it! You won’t be disappointed- except when you get hooked and have to bargain with the devil for your third bottle…


A new fave and addition to my skincare routine is the Pixi Glow Tonic. I use this only in the mornings – first, right when I wake up before working out to get all the nights sleep off, and keep the sweat from clogging any pores. And then once again after cleansing. It clarifies, brightens, and firms. It is also is alcohol free, so it will not dry out or irritate skin!


I’ve only had this one a couple of weeks, but it is hands down the best moisturizer (for my skin) I have ever used. The Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer contains 0.5% salicylic acid, which is just enough for me to combat everyday breakouts. Its promises to mattify skin, reduce appearance of pores, and hydrate are completely accurate. No other mattifying lotion has worked on me- they dry me out and I end up producing MORE oil. But this one is different! Its almost cool going on, sinks in right away, and you are left with a matte poreless finish. I didn’t even need a primer some days! And that NEVER happens. I would not recommend this for anyone with even slightly dry skin- this does completely mattify and would likely not work for you.

So those are my Ride or Die, never leave my side, breakout banishers!

If you find that no ‘acne treatment’ is working for you, look for buzzwords like clarifying, refining, or clearing. These words usually mean the product will help with bumps, textural issues, and breakouts. And if you’ve hit a dead end, and haven’t tried Paula’s Choice before, check them out!

Have a great friday!


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