July 2016 Favorites – Where Are They Now?

You guys. It is hotter than sin outside. So I’ll just use it as an excuse to spend more time inside at my new PC setup in the office.

Leslie here! And I wanted to get back into favorites for you guys. But first, I thought it would be fun to look at LAST year’s July faves, and see if I still use everything. Let’s seeee! Continue reading

The Best of 2016!

Leslie here! And so is 2017! I am so excited for a refresh and a restart. I love the holidays, but when they are over, when everything can reset, is my favorite! One of my goals for the new year is to STOP BUYING SO MANY NEW THINGS. But don’t worry! I will still be bringing you reviews! I am going to work my way through ‘sample mountain’ hidden under the cabinets…

With that said- I discovered quite a few new and awesome things in 2016! Some of these are new-new and some are just new to me. But these were products I fell in love with this year! (most of these you have seen in past favorites so I’m not going to get too deep here!) Continue reading

November Faves!

For the month of November, I really tried not to acquire anything new- that lasted until about the week of Thanksgiving (THANKS BLACK FRIDAY). But the things I got in were too close to the end of the month to include them in November faves- so maybe you’ll see them next month! For November, you will see a few things I have faved before, but why not include something if I am STILL loving it?!

On to the faves! Continue reading

October Favorites – PLUS The Perfect Combo for Oily Skin!

October is oct-over! Does that mean we can decorate for Christmas now? Maybe??

This month, I acquired a few new ‘Magical’ and ‘Miracle’ skincare items that I am in LOVE with. And I found what I think is the best combo for keeping my face matte and covered all day long. If you want to see what I was loving- just keep reading! Continue reading

Where Are They Now? September Faves 2015

**I know I’ve missed the last two Gimme Five Friday’s (and countless Tuesday Reviews) but I’ve been so busy and now I’m on a long staycation for our one year anniversary. I promise your ‘regularly scheduled programming’ will resume when the vacation is over!**

Do you still love and use the things you did a year ago? Or have you moved on?

Let’s take a look back at my favorites from September 2015 and see what I’m still loving!


that is some fantastic photography

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold – I still love this as a cheek color. I refer to it as a “back blush” which is a term I probably made up entirely for myself. It is a little too shimmery for the apples of my cheeks, but perfect for adding color and glow to anything behind my cheekbones – ya know…a back blush. My current favorites featured some new blush shades from Becca that I am OBSESSED with.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium – Still VERY much obsessed with this fragrance. It has notes of Coffee Accord, Orange Blossom, Cedarwood Essence, and Patchouli Essense. Very warm and “adrenaline-rich” but also sweet, a little spicy, and maybe floral? I don’t know. It’s everything! Husbo got me a 10 mil spray for Christmas, which is now gone, and I’m gonna need a bedazzled limited edition bottle next! yves_saint_laurent_black_opium_swarovski_edition_w_001

Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel – To be honest, I don’t think I’ve used this SINCE last September. I just have too many other facial things to play with, and this one isn’t yellin’ at me. Ever since I got my Clarisonic, I don’t feel like I have that much ‘dead skin’ that needs to be sloughed off anyway.

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer – This is still one of the best primers/bb creams/light coverage foundations I have ever tried! If you have oily skin or texture you need to cover up, give this stuff a try. It stays put all day long, can be used alone because of the tint, and has that added bonus of SPF! I just wish the color range was better – I don’t reach for it as much simply because it’s difficult to match.

Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More® Cleanser – Once this sample was through, I never purchased the full size, and honestly I can’t remember what it was like! Maybe I should give it a shot again. (But in response to @drbrandt on my insta post above- I DID try the primer and I love it! One of my faves.)

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash – If you want to know how I still feel about this face wash, just go back through my September Faves, because I purchased a full size and I’m STILL loving it! I gets sooo foamy with my Clarisonic- I love it!

Thanks for reading, pals! Stay safe x dry.


Gimme Five Friday – Breakup with Breakouts

Breakouts. You hate ’em right? I hate ’em myself!

I’ve struggled with bad skin most of my teen-to-adult life, until only the past few years or so. Most of it was due to not taking care of myself – eating crappy food and living a ‘party’ lifestyle. But that is only half the battle. One day I made a whim of a purchase because of something I saw in a magazine, and my whole skincare world turned upside down. Thus begun my skincare obsession.

I wanted to share with you the tried and true products that have really helped my skin get, and stay, clear and balanced. Continue reading

Gimme Five Friday – Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

Leslie here, and it’s Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am so glad this week is over.

I use eye shadow palettes almost every time I do my makeup. I rarely use single shadows, or even give them the time of day- because I know I won’t reach for them! I try really hard to not buy any new palettes, but I just can’t help it sometimes. (Like when Urban Decay releases an all new, all matte Naked Ultimate Basics that I will def be purchasing..)

Keep reading for my five favorite eye shadow palettes!

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