Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum

Leslie here! And I am so excited to finally write up a review of this foundation! I first purchased it in the fall of last year and fell HARD in love- but was worried it was being discontinued. So obviously wouldn’t want to write a review on something no one could get! But then I got this email:


WE HAVE NO PLANS TO DISCONTINUE!! I was super stoked to find this info out, because that means I will be able to purchase more when I run out AND that means I can do a review for you guys! So let’s see why I love this so damn much.

The Product:

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum, $60 for 1 oz of product. This foundation comes in ONE shade. They do have available a No Bronzer Bronzer that can be mixed with it to deepen the shade if necessary. But unfortunately, nothing the sell will lighten it.


This is the sister product to their original No Foundation Foundation. That one isn’t really the best for oily skin, although it comes in a whole TWO shades! I have never tried that one.

The Claims:

Formulated with Neuropeptides, No Foundation Foundation Serum restores skin’s inner radiance and color of youth while instantly softening imperfections and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and pores without settling into fine lines. Offered in one universal, buildable shade with a semi-matte finish.

Ket Ingredients:

  • Neuropeptides: Help boost the appearance of suppleness and firmness.
  • DMAE: Helps tighten skin, softening and improving the appearance of pores, both instantly and over time.
  • Non-Chemical Mineral-Based SPF 30 with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide: Protect skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Said to be suitable for all skins types. The “universal” shade is best for light to medium skin. this product is fragrance and oil free.

The Application:

This is a very liquidy product- very true to the serum feeling of its name. The packaging is a very easy to use dropper.


The directions say to shake well and dispense 3-4 drops in palm, using fingertips to apply. Couple things: 3-4 drops is not nearly enough. Sure it is buildable, but unless you want to rub at your face a whole bunch, you will need at least 2 full dropper’s worth or product. And second- into your palm?! Who can effectively blend product with their palm? I use the dropper to either dispense onto the back of my hand or directly onto my finger tips. This does apply the BEST with fingertips (which is not my favorite) but I have gotten decent results from a buffing brush. It does not do well with a sponge, as it is so watery that the blender tends to soak it up.

The shade is a skosh too dark, and yellow, for me. But I always blend down my neck anyway, and I think the more tan shade helps to make my skin look brighter and younger. It helps to even out any weird discoloration I have going on.


After application is all said and done, my skin still looks like my skin- but better. It gives my skin a glow- but is still matte. Redness is minimized, pores are blurred, but my freckles are still visible! So definitely not a full coverage, or even medium coverage. Which is not a deal breaker for me. I enjoy seeing my skin!


This foundation also mixed very well with other products, if you want to lighten, deepen, or bump up the coverage.

The Wear:

I found a winning combination, and with this foundation I have ZERO issues with getting oily throughout the day. My makeup does not slide all around my face, there is no transfer. Nothing! It wears absolutely perfectly. My pores stay blurred and I just look young and fresh all day!


These three things together are the best combo I’ve ever tried for my face!

The Verdict:

As if you need a wrap up at this point: I love this stuff! It is definitely the one to beat now. Holy Grail status.

There are some cons for this if I need to be critical:

  • It takes an awful lot to cover my whole face. My bottle is almost empty!
  • Applying with the fingers is less than desirable.
  • The lack of shade range can be a deal breaker for some.
  • Not full coverage, so not for those with a lot to conceal

But there is so much more for me to love about this foundation!

  • delivers on its promise to deliver a radiant semi-matte finish
  • minimizes appearance of my pores
  • camouflages imperfections and evens skin tone
  • lasts all day with no oil or transfer issues
  • SPF and skincare infused
  • oil and fragrance free!

I would 100% recommend this foundation to anyone – but especially those with aging skin and concerns about oil productions and pore size.Perricone-MD-No-Makeup-Skincare-Collection-Cool-Mom-Picks.jpg

They have a whole No Makeup Makeup collection – I’m dying to try the mascara!


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