Violet Voss #Hashtag Eyeshadow Palette – review & swatches!

Hellllllo beautifuls!

I will be the first one to tell you that none of us need another eyeshadow palette. But its different when your husband snags that preorder and gets it for you in time for Christmas, right? Well either way, I got my hands on the new #Hashtag Palette from Violet Voss, and I am here with some swatches and thoughts! When I first saw this palette, it looked like everything I wanted the Desert Dusk palette to be. The purples – so dreamy. The shimmers so ….shimmery. Let’s get into this thing, shall we?

The Product

Violet Voss Hashtag – PRO Eyeshadow Palette, $45. This palette contains 20 shades in matte, metallic & shimmer finishes. This palette is available through as well as Sephora.


This palette hits all those warm notes that everyone is losing their goddamn mind over – while also having some GAW-GEOUS purples. I have been looking for some great purples since my disappointing purchase of the Desert Dusk palette. And this looked like perfection.


These shadows are also infused with jojoba oil? I’m not %100 sure why that is needed in an eye shadow, but that does tell me this is a different formula to the other palette I have from them – the Holy Grail palette (or now just HG – for reasons I guess?). Ok so after checking the ingredients for both this palette and the HG palette, the ingredients are listed in the exact same way. So probs the same formula.

It does come in a very sturdy. cardboard packaging – with a mirror and a MAGNETIC closure. So satisfying.



I just can’t even with these.


Oh, wait – before I get into these, let me just point out that the photo on Sephora is HELLA different than the actual product. Their online photos show these as verrrry cranberry and red- but they are really more orangey up top:


mine on the left; Sephora photo on the right.

They definitely did some color enhancing in that there photo… and most of the bad reviews are centered around misrepresentation online.

(I feel like I should make note that these swatches are one lil rub-rub in the pan. I’m not digging in, or pressing hard to get this pay off in the swatches. They are just that smooth and pigmented)


Top Row – all mattes. They aren’t the MOST pigmented – but they are super soft, buildable, and blendable. I don’t need a TON of pigment right away. I would prefer a buttery smooth, easy to blend formula. Fresh is pretty much my skin tone, and makes a fine setting/starting shade. This is essential in a palette for me! The black is not very pigmented at all – and I already have a difficult time with black shadow as it is. It always looks so patchy and chalky on me!


The second row is all shimmers/metallics, and all very goldy, bronzey, blingy. This is the row I was worried about for myself – I just never wear these shades. But these swatches are SO good. Very pigmented, buttery, and METALLIC.


Third row – get out of here. These colors are SO pretty. Looking at this row singled out by itself like this – this could totally pass as a 5 pan, super high end eyeshadow palette. Pigmented, buttery. You get it.


And the main event, the reason this palette stuck out to me, the fourth row. These purples tho. LOOK AT THEM. Very pigmented for purples – however TBT blends out to really pinkish/red on the eye. But for realzies, these are some of the most well done purples I have ever come across.

This palette, these swatches – this is everything I wanted the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette to be. And just real quick – let me remind you of the disaster that was the purple shade from that palette:


Life > Amethyst.

Eye Looks

These colors are STUNNING. However, I did have a bit of trouble coming up with complete eye looks based off this one palette. Aside from the top row of basic mattes, there are not really any darker shades that I could use for an outer v or deep crease. Being that I have hooded eyes, I try to stay away from super shimmery shades on my hood – so I was a little bit in a box in that way.


TBT, Pretty AF, ILY, FOMO, & Living on the lower lash line


overexposure is KEY.

Another look – tried to use more warm shades – but still ended up purple.


Goals, G.O.A.T., ILY, Sunset applied WET, topped with FOMO – and mascara all over my lid because I’m a professional.


Because of my hooded eyes, the purple shade goes into hiding – but still really makes the green pop!

These eye looks – and I do not wear eye primer, just Tarte Shape Tape and a powder to set most of the time – wore fantastic all day. No fading or weird creasing. (Don’t let the jojoba oil steer you away!)


But…after removing this second look … my eyelid… was STAINED. Sunset is straight up so pigmented and long lasting that is literally STAINED my skin. Maybe a primer would help? – but head’s up folks!


The Verdict

This palette does have a few cons for me – all of the shades are around the same ‘deepness’ – meaning I can’t really go really deep in the crease, or light in the inner corner. I would like a couple more rich, matte browns or dark purples (something like those in the JH x Morphe palette, which swatch like garbage but perform great on the eye – Chip & Soda Pop). And I would have loved for a lighter shimmer shade to be included. The lightest one is straight up yellow brick road gold – which I can’t use for my inner corner.

This palette is definitely a complimentary palette – one you would almost never use on its own, but one that you always reach for to add to a look. The quality of the shadows is THERE, and I suppose the inclusion of Jojoba oil in the ingredients helps the skin?

This is a YES for me – it is a great palette with really unique shades that freaking PERFORM – just be careful about that staining! And I much prefer it to the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette.. Now I just need to step out of the box and try some Lady Boss..


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