Sonia Kashuk Soft Focus Satin Matte

Leslie here, and we have a super popular/hyped up foundation to review for you today! This is from Sonia Kashuk- a makeup line sold exclusively from Target. This is one of those YouTube swayed purchases for sure- and I needed to see if it was worth the hype. So let’s check it out!

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Target Beauty Box – October 2016

I skipped ALL of my subscription boxes last month (I know right?!). I’ve been trying to really focus on things I “need”, and while super fun, I don’t necessarily NEED anymore samples. Like, any. I had to purchase special drawers just to keep them organized…

But when the Target October Beauty Box launched, there were some items in it that I was pretty pumped about, so I decided to go for it! If you are not familiar with the Target beauty box, it is not a subscription based service. The product goes live ~ the first Monday of every month, and is usually $7. It will likely have a $3 coupon in it too- so it’s worth it even if you just like one thing in it! Continue reading

Target Beauty Box – Simply Radiant

Leslie here with another Target beauty box! There were multiple this time, and I scooped up two of the three I saw available, so keep your eyes peeled for the post about the second one.

This one was titled ‘Simply Radiant’, cost was $7, and is now sold out. I believe the boxes are live on or around the first Monday of every month. Continue reading

Target Beauty Box – June

Hi everyone, Leslie here!

So…June’s Target beauty box was SLAMMIN.¬†Every month, around the first Monday of the month, a beauty box launches on Target’s website with a bunch of goodies to try. I follow the blog My Subscription Addiction, and there is an option to get email notifications whenever the box is live (this is how I stay on the up&up) It is always a great value, but I feel like this month was better than usual! It was a higher price point this month ($10 as opposed to $7) but there were three coupons on top of all the products totaling a savings of $7- so I’m calling it a win! Continue reading