First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

Hellooooo- Leslie here! I’ve been using the new Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer from First Aid Beauty (that is a long ass name for a product) for about a month now, and what started as mixed feelings turned into a love affair. So here is my full review on it!

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The Best of 2016!

Leslie here! And so is 2017! I am so excited for a refresh and a restart. I love the holidays, but when they are over, when everything can reset, is my favorite! One of my goals for the new year is to STOP BUYING SO MANY NEW THINGS. But don’t worry! I will still be bringing you reviews! I am going to work my way through ‘sample mountain’ hidden under the cabinets…

With that said- I discovered quite a few new and awesome things in 2016! Some of these are new-new and some are just new to me. But these were products I fell in love with this year! (most of these you have seen in past favorites so I’m not going to get too deep here!) Continue reading

November Faves!

For the month of November, I really tried not to acquire anything new- that lasted until about the week of Thanksgiving (THANKS BLACK FRIDAY). But the things I got in were too close to the end of the month to include them in November faves- so maybe you’ll see them next month! For November, you will see a few things I have faved before, but why not include something if I am STILL loving it?!

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October Favorites – PLUS The Perfect Combo for Oily Skin!

October is oct-over! Does that mean we can decorate for Christmas now? Maybe??

This month, I acquired a few new ‘Magical’ and ‘Miracle’ skincare items that I am in LOVE with. And I found what I think is the best combo for keeping my face matte and covered all day long. If you want to see what I was loving- just keep reading! Continue reading

#GFF – Five Disappointing Products

Happy Gimme Five Friday! Leslie here 🙂

Raise your paw if you have been lured into buying a product because of YouTube or Instagram, only to think to yourself “What is all this hype for??”

Well I have…MULTIPLE times. Watching so many reviews and tutorials, you feel like you NEED all the things. But not everything works the same for every person. Today I want to share with you some products that everyone seems to go bat shit over, but just don’t work for me for some reason or another. Let’s get into it! Continue reading