ABH Subculture gets LeslieHere’d

Listen. I know this is the 5000th review of this palette- but they are ALL different and I don’t know who to even trust out there in beauty land anymore. So I was in Ulta the other day, had a merchandise credit (that you can’t use online, wtf is that about), saw this thing out on the shelves and was all “sure, I’ll try it”. AND HERE WE ARE.

So strap in because it’s Leslie here with her thoughts on the Subculture palette!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance – Worth the Hype?!

I resisted. I said “Leslie- you do not need aNOTHER eyeshadow palette with these types of shades.”

But after seeing YouTube video after Youtube video about how this palette is just straight up life altering- I made the move. I said “As SOON as this is back in stock at Ulta, I’m going to use my 20% off coupon!”

I stalked this damn palette for a week- and one morning- it was back in stock! ADD TO CART, COUPON CODE, CHECK OUT. Continue reading