Marula Oil Showdown – Drunk Elephant VS The Ordinary!

I discovered the use of facial oils a couple years ago, and they have really changed my skin for the better. Having oily skin my entire life, it was an odd bandwagon to jump on – but trust me! Oils are your friend! Oily skin does not mean you are not in need of moisture and hydration. It means you need to provide the CORRECT moisture and hydration.

I bring to you today my thoughts on the drastically differing in cost Marula Oil offerings from Drunk Elephant and The Ordinary. One is $72, and the other is less than $10. So are they really that different? Let’s dive into this!


I like to start with the what’s and the why’s. Why do I care about this oil? Why could one possibly cost $72 if a company can produce a $10 version? Do I even need it for my own skin care regimen?

Marula oil is extracted from the nuts, or kernels, of the Marula trees – most commonly found in Africa. Picture that beautiful African landscape with that one lone tree – that’s the Marula tree. The oil can either be extracted from the seed itself, or the hard shell (does the ‘where’ matter to the end result and cost? this I cannot determine…but maybe!)

This oil is nutrient rich and packed with antioxidants for the skin. It contains a high percentage of oleic acid. [[All oils have some ratio of oleic acid to linoleic acid. This ratio is what will tell you how the oil will work with your skin. To TLDR this for you – oils rich in oleic acid as opposed to linoleic acid are better for dry skin types (not dehydrated!). They are slower to dry, they are heavier, but they are also very effective at sealing in moisture. Because of the “sealing in”, this can also lead to breakouts for those that do not have the ideal skin type for this oil (I.E. Blog Writer Extraordinaire, Leslie Here…oops)]]


So now that we have realized Leslie fell into the hype without fully researching if an oil would work for her skin type (hey, it can happen to anyone!), let’s dive into these two offerings.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, $72 for 1 ozDrunk-Elephant-Marula-Oil.jpg


The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil, $9.90 for 1 ozthe-ordinary-100-cold-pressed-virgin-marula-oil.png


Both pretty much claim to do the same thing, as Marula oil is used for hydration and for its antioxidant properties. The Ordinary does also note that it can be used in the hair as well.


Both consist only of 100% unrefined, cold-pressed, virgin, African Marula oil.


Both in a bottle, with dropper – Drunk Elephant is more UV protected, but The Ordinary is not completely clear.


Both are colorless and odorless. I would say the Drunk Elephant feels slightly stickier and thicker. So I prefer the consistency of The Ordinary one personally. But in general, Marula oil seems to be on the thicker side as far as facial oils go (see above, where I exposed myself as a bad shopper of face oils)



If you have oily skin – for sure go with The Ordinary version to even SEE if you like the way Marula Oil sits on your skin. Because for me, a lover of facial oils, it is not one that I am 100% obsessed with. That being said, I do prefer The Ordinary’s version simply for the consistency. It is slightly less sticky, and absorbs a little quicker into my skin. So if I did have a need for this intense moisture and sealing in, I would go for that version.


I literally see no reason to spend $72 on the Drunk Elephant version. I don’t even see myself using the rest of the little travel size I have, but again, maybe I am completely the wrong skin type for this. I am alone here? Am I missing something? Why on earth is one $72?!

Save yo bill$$.


2 thoughts on “Marula Oil Showdown – Drunk Elephant VS The Ordinary!

  1. Haha! There was actually a bit of a spat that happened in the industry in relation to these two oils. But apart from that, I’m yet to try Marula oil so it’s on my list. Incredible the price difference as well..thanks kindly for the heads up..

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  2. Sylvia says:

    I have always been curious to try Drunk Elephant and wondered if the price tag was really worth it…I won’t be bothering with it now! Thanks Bae ❤️ “Ordinary” is good enough for me 😉

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