Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer – better than Shape Tape?!

Leslie here – happy belated new year! New year, new concealer? Maybe it’ll be new year = more blog posts. Maybe? Maybe.

Today, I’m bringing you my thoughts on the fairly new addition to Urban Decay’s All Nighter collection – is this a concealer that tops Tarte Shape Tape?? Some are saying they love it even MORE – so I had to get my hands on it to see for myself. Let’s get into it!

The Product

Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer, available at UrbanDecay.com and Ulta (oddly an Ulta exclusive like just like the Tarte Shape Tape… Update: it is now available at Sephora as well), for $29. This concealer comes in 14 shades


The packaging is super cute – matches the feeling of the foundation. Comes with a doe foot applicator. BUT.

But…there is only 0.012 oz of product in this tube. Like, it feels empty when you hold it. Comparing this to other concealers sold at Ulta & Sephora, it is absolutely absurd how little product you get in this tube for $29.

Concealer Cost Vol Per Ounce Label
Surrat Surreal Skin 50.00 0.06 $833.33 Prestige
La Mer Concealer 75.00 0.14 $535.71 Prestige
Tom Ford Pen 53.00 0.11 $481.82 Prestige
YSL Touche Eclat Pen 42.00 0.10 $420.00 Prestige
UD All Nighter 29.00 0.12 $241.67 Prestige
Benefit Boi-ing 20.00 0.10 $200.00 Prestige
UD Naked Skin 29.00 0.16 $181.25 Prestige
Nars Soft Matte Complete 30.00 0.21 $142.86 Prestige
Nars Radiant Creamy 30.00 0.22 $136.36 Prestige
Benefit Boi-ing Brightening 20.00 0.15 $133.33 Prestige
TF Born This Way 28.00 0.23 $121.74 Prestige
Kat Von D Lock-It 26.00 0.22 $118.18 Prestige
bareSkin Serum Concealer 21.00 0.20 $105.00 Prestige
Sephora Serum Concealer 14.00 0.14 $100.00 Drugstore
IT Cos Bye Bye 24.00 0.28 $85.71 Prestige
MAC Pro Longwear 23.00 0.30 $76.67 Prestige
Tarte Shape Tape 24.00 0.33 $72.73 Prestige
NYX Hi Def Photo Concealer 4.99 0.11 $45.36 Drugstore
Maybelline Age Rewind 8.99 0.20 $44.95 Drugstore
Catrice Liquid Camo 5.99 0.17 $35.24 Drugstore
Maybelline Fit Me 6.99 0.23 $30.39 Drugstore
LA Girl HD Pro 4.99 0.28 $17.82 Drugstore

$241.67 AN OUNCE.

I also have an issue with the shade range – while 14 in a range is a great start, there really isn’t a great match for me in the lighter area. Fair Neutral is much too pale for me – the next shade up is Light WARM (which I am not), then we have Light Neutral which is actually quite a bit darker than fair neutral, and ultimately…too dark (swatches below). AND – much like the foundation shades, don’t select your shade of this based on what you usually get in the Naked Skin concealer. Light Neutral in Naked Skin is NOT the same in the All Nighter:


All Nighter in Light Neutral on the top; Naked Skin in Light Neutral on the bottom (and I’ve heard they oxidize pretty bad)

The Claims

Glory be – there are so many claims with this one. Let me try to summarize for you:

  • “flawless” matte coverage
  • covers anything, even covers tattoos (I did not test this, apologies)
  • waterproof formula, lasts all day and all night (24 hours)
  • controls shine and absorbs oil
  • no settling into pores & lines
  • light diffusing pigments (blurring & soft focus effect)
  • no need to build coverage – one and done

The Application

They stressed the importance of using very little product when applying – which I immediately forgot when I applied this to my face. That being said, I didn’t feel like it went over board in any kind of Shape Tape kind of way (you know that shit can get out of hand sometimes). The wand was very dry straight out of the tube – further increasing my “Is this thing empty?!” suspicion. You can even kind of tell from my comparison swatch to Naked Skin above how much drier it looks even as a fresh swatch.

The concealer dried almost instantly (very matte finish) on the skin and pretty much set itself – but then got very cracked and creasy, at least under the eyes, which is pretty much the only place I use concealer. It was very dry and enhanced all my wrinkles. I HATED the way this looked after application.

Below is a photo of my eye with nothing but the All Nighter Concealer in shade Light Neutral. You can see how the shade is a little too dark and doesn’t really provide any


Because I thought this made me look 100 years old, I decided to dab on some oil over top to help with all of that crepey, wrinkley, dryness. It helped SOME – by also seemed to take away some coverage. And it may have hindered the wear, which we’ll get into. It just really never looked great under the eye.

The Wear

By the end of the day, I didn’t notice any extra dryness, but I noticed a drastic loss in coverage under my eyes. I don’t have crazy dark circles to begin with, but any darkness I had was peeking through – so all darkness and dryness was enhanced. It was just not a good makeup day for me.

The Verdict

In short – I did not give this a second chance. I pretty much only use concealer under my eyes and this was far too drying for that purpose. I find Tarte Shape Tape to provide superior coverage and be more forgiving when needing to adjust for your skin’s needs. And for a more affordable option – you could almost choose literally anything else. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind at the drugstore is bomb.

This may work on blemishes or contouring in a SMOOTH, PORELESS, OILY T-zone – but other than that –

Hard Pass.


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