Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

Hellooooo, Leslie here!

On this fine Friday, I am bringing you my thoughts on the new Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation, as well as a quick run down on the Complexion Perfection – Pre-makeup Base Primer. And this one was a roller coaster of emotions so click to read more if you want to come along for the ride!

The Product

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation, $40 for 1.18 oz (what is it with all these new foundations not being the standard 1 oz? I like uniformity, people!) Available in 30 “delicious” shades – they are all food names!


don’t mind the smudges on the box – it gets thrown away anyway!

This foundation comes in a pump that is quite bulky – larger than most foundation bottles. It looks like super luxurious glass, but it is actually plastic and feels kind of cheap. LOOKS nice – feels a lil cheap.


The shades were a little difficult to navigate on Sephora’s app, and for some effing reason I couldn’t wait or research more into shade. And then they started selling out sooooo….. I went with Shortbread, 200B.


I found the chart below online, but I don’t find this to be an accurate representation – Shortbread looks almost perfect in the chart.


Shortbread, however, is described on Sephora as “Ultra light skin tones with beige undertones”. Also on Sephora is this visually appealing, but ultimately not helpful swatch-fest.


Swatches on the inside of the arm are ultra confusing. Who wants to match the inside of their arm?!


And they NEVER explain the B, G, or N. (At least not easily found) I assume N=Neutral, G=Gold, and is B then Beige? But anyone unfamiliar with undertones would be completely lost.  I found this! They do explain it on one of their blog posts:

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation cool tones: B – Beige, has blue tones. R – red, has red undertones.

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation warm tones: G – Golden, has yellow undertones.

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation neutral tones: N – Neutral.

Oh shit, I almost forgot to show you what Shortbread looks like on my skin. The suspense was killing you wasn’t it??


I don’t get any beige vibes off of this one – am I alone?

Well all of that to say – it is too light, and kind of yellow, but once applied seemed to warm up to my face looked ok shade wise. Moral of the story – swatch it in store 🙂

The Claims

Let me try not to get too salty about the claims just yet- we still have three more sections to go ..

OK –

  • Full to medium coverage
  • All skin types (Sephora excludes Sensitive skin, which is ACCURATE)
  • Satin, matte, radiant, & natural finish. All at the same time.
  • dries to a radiant matte powder finish that looks luminous”
  • Conceals blemishes and imperfections, for a filter-like finish.
  • Enriched with good-for-your-skin ingredients like Argan Oil and Centella Asiatica (hydrating)
  • Fade-proof formula

It is not oil free (the only oil however is Argan Oil which is actually pretty good for your skin, and it does not contain SPF. This product is paraben free, and Huda Beauty is cruelty free (although the primer does contain Beeswax).

The box also felt the need to point out ‘effortless application’…


The Application

Straight away, first impressions, this stuff smells VERY strong. I would not recommend this for someone with an aversion to fragrance, sensitivity to scents, or sensitive skin (like me – oh hi!). I believe this STRONG scent comes from the ingredient Centella Asiatica Extract, as there are no other fragrances listed in the ingredient list. Wait no, I see it now: Parfum/Fragrance. *eye roll*

Second away, – secondly? This made my face burn. It may have been in my head due to the strong scent. And full disclosure, I was just coming off of a super random freak rash/hives breakout situation all over the left side of my face (which has NEV.ER. happened to me), so maybe it was still sensitive. But dang. I could FEEL this foundation.

I needed very little, a whole pump almost covered my whole face. Solid medium coverage. I would not call this high coverage in one application.

This was not easy to apply, I’m just gonna say it. A brush was very difficult; streaky and patchy. A sponge was a little better, but still never ended up looking …blended well. The end result did nothing for my texture.

I also put in my notes: “…Matte?” So I guess their claim of ‘satin, matte, radiant, natural is accurate. It was the weirdest finish. Shiny, sticky, needed to be set, but also looked felt very mattifying and almost cakey.

One more gem from my notes: “does not cover, does note blend, does not blur.  * IN PERSON”


I went to take this before photo was completely confused at how good it looked. I mean, this stuff looked down right terrible during application – I almost took it off and started over! But, look at that! My skin looks great!

After all was said and done, all makeup applied, my face looked pretty great. So I was feeling pretty confused. And this particular day, I used the Huda Primer prior to application. Scroll down to check that out a bit more.

The Wear

The first day, I used this over the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (to help finish clearing up whatever crazy hive business was going on with my face), and it did not wear well at ALL. I don’t know if I can blame this 100% on the foundation, BUT – my face was a hot mess all day.

I gave it a second go, and applied it over the primer this time. The application as detailed above, was a STRUGGLE, but DAMN. What a change of tune I had! Throughout the day I kept catching glimpses of myself and could not get over how amazing my skin looked. I looked poreless, natural, filtered. Not too matte but not too oily.

By the end of the day no foundation had moved around, or rubbed off. I was super oily (thanks unforgiving car mirror in 5 oclock traffic) but everything still looked amazing! It had oxidized a tiny bit throughout the day as well.

(I attempted an after photo on the ‘good’ day, and Jameson was cuddling TF out of me and would not allow for any photos. Then I had cat hair all over my face. So just take my word for it.)

The Primer

The Complexion Perfection – Pre-makeup Base Primer, 1.01 oz for $35. This is more of a hydrating makeup base that claims to blur pores, moisturize skin, and grip to makeup. I found 2/3 of these things to be true. I saw zero pore or line blurring, but it was hydrating and definitely sticky/grippy. If you like a grippy primer.

The texture was that of a thick moisturizer, and it smelled like a lighter version of the foundation. So not as unbearable, but I’d prefer less is all I’m sayin’. While it does contain Dimethicone (silicone), that isn’t what is doing the heavy lifting. It is much further down on the ingredient list than most pore blurring primers, which is probably why is didn’t do much to blur.

What it does have in it, which I found interesting, is Beeswax, Shea Butter, & Bayberry fruit Wax. I have not seen these in any primers that I have used, but I see how they are helping with the grippiness and the moisturizing properties.

I used this once with the Huda Beauty Foundation and once with my tried and true combo of foundation/powder/concealer/etc. And I have to say, both days were great makeup days! My face was ultra shiny by the end of the day, BUT my makeup was unmoved, no transfer, no fading, no texture.

The Verdict


I think the true winner here was the Primer. It is such a unique primer for me, and at $35 not real spendy. I still dislike that it contains (a pretty strong) fragrance, and for my skin personally it is a little too hydrating. But for the purposes of really gripping to the makeup and keeping it in place – A +!

The foundation – I mean, it wore well…over the primer. I just couldn’t bring myself to try it anymore. The scent was a gigantic turn off for me, and it was not fun to apply. Putting on makeup is supposed to be fun! Pass.


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