Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Leslie here with a review, swatches, eye look, dupes – we got it all folks! Today I am going over the Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette from Huda Beauty.

I had no intention of getting this palette, because it is so similar to so many things I already own! But there are those fewwww shades that are unlike anything I have. And the swatches were really starting to get to me. So let’s see how photoshopped those swatches really were 😉 and if this palette is any good!

The Product

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, $65 for 18 shades. Packaged in a sturdy cardboard, with a mirror and a fancy AF plastic protector. Like seriously, that thing could could cut bread.


$65 is a little steep for me, but being that this is produced in Italy (oh you fancy,  huh??), not China, that is actually cheaper per gram and shadow than most other popular palettes like the Naked palettes and Sweet Peach.


The palette includes 8 matte shades, 6 ‘pressed pearls’, 3 duo-chrome toppers, and 1 pure glitter. Like. Just damn near loose glitter barely mushed into the pan. Rull pretty. Rull impractical.

*I did not know that the duochrome were meant to be toppers, which changes my feelings on their swatches and the way they look on the eye. So know before you go – they are meant to be toppers!


I started to see a few of my Youtubers pop up using and loving this palette, and then I noticed these swatches on Sephora.


(for my purposes, I rotated so that the shades are L-R)

I mean COME ON. Can you even?

My skintone is most like the top, and I was so interested to see how these shadows looked on actual skin that color. So here we are 🙂


top – direct sunlight; bottom – natural light + soft box (not the same swatches, just the same shades)

So first row- the mattes are a not nearly as pigmented as depicted in their swatch photo – but they aren’t bad! A touch chalky, but blendable and very easy to work with. This whole top row is a 9/10 for me – buuuuuut it is also something you probably already own in some other palette. We’ll get to dupes in a bit


top – direct sunlight; bottom – natural light + soft box (not the same swatches, just the same shades)

Twilight is one of the shades that really made me get this palette. The SWATCH of Twilight on Sephora. In person, it is still pretty, but it is not nearly as opaque as I was anticipating. And again, I was not aware this shade (along with Celestial & Retrograde) was meant to be a topper. OH AND – their swatches of the “TOPPERS” do nothing to indicate how little pigment they actually contribute. Like they actually played up in post the shade so that it would look amazing in the swatch photo… which it does…and which is why I bought this palette.

And naturally, these three shades were the most disappointing for me in the palette. Retrograde looks like a goddamn delight in the pan and then what is that garbage on the skin? I guess even knowing they are toppers doesn’t make me like them more – because they just aren’t pizzazzy enough for me.

Nefertiti is too much chunky glitter and just boring. And bless your lil heart, Amethyst. I wanted you to be so good. And you just aren’t. For this row Twilight is ok, and Royal is PERF – but again, I own this already!



top – direct sunlight; bottom – natural light + soft box (not the same swatches, just the same shades)

Cashmere and Angelic are pretty when swatched, but really get lost on the lid for me. I do like these – don’t get me wrong. They just aren’t a reason to get a whole palette.

Cosmo, the pure glitter, is just really that. A loose glitter in a pan. The top shows it swiped on the skin and the bottom shows it patted. As you can see, when patted on, and probably when applied like loose glitter should be applied, which is not something I have ever successfully done, Cosmo is going to be SO pretty. BUT – that life ain’t fo me. PRETTY. but pass.

Turkish Delight is a banger, but, and you may be having deja vu, we have this already! Saffron and Blazing swatch pretttyyyy bad , but they blend out ok. Just not very pigmented. Overall this row is a solid 5/10


This eye look is using Musk, Amethyst, & Royal; Angelic towards the inner corner and Twilight as the topper. And a piece of shit of a winged eyeliner 🙂




So the main reason I was leery about getting this palette was that so many of the shades looked like something I already own. Here are just the few I found rummaging real quick while doing swatches!


Desert Sand – Too Faced Peaches ‘N Cream Sweet Peach Palette

Musk – Samael Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

Amber – He Devil Urban Decay Naked Heat

Blood Moon – (there are 3) Dirty Talk Urban Decay Naked Heat, Scorched Urban Decay Naked Heat, & Firework Jaclyn Hill x Morphe (you can win this in my giveaway!)

Oud – (these are not quite dupes once I got in the light to take the photo, but on the eye would work essentially the same) Chip Jaclyn Hill x Morphe (you can win this in my giveaway!) & Teddy Bear Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette


Nefertiti – Primavera Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance & Urban Decay Sin

Royal – Urban Decay Rock Star

Cashmere – Hustle Jaclyn Hill x Morphe (you can win this in my giveaway!) & Liar Urban Decay Naked 3

Angelic – (these are quite different in the light, but they have the same feel to me as Angelic, and honestly are prettier and have more impact on the lid than Angelic) Fireball Urban Decay Naked Heat & Little Lady Jaclyn Hill x Morphe (you can win this in my giveaway!)


Turkish Delight – Cranapple Jaclyn Hill x Morphe (you can win this in my giveaway!) & Cranberry Splash Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette

Saffron – no matches that I have, but with all the warm palettes out these days I’m sure you can find something similar!

Blazing – These are 3 different shades from the OG 35O palette from Morphe… the one with no shade names 🙂 But as you can see, they are pretty similar!

I could not find any dupes in my collection for Eden, Celestial, Twilight, Amethyst, Retrograde, Cosmo, or Saffron. Temptalia has GREAT overviews of beauty products and thorough lists of dupes, so click on each of those shade names if you want to see her recommendations for each.

The Verdict


The hype strikes again! This palette is fine. It’s pretty. It works. There are nice, warm shades and interesting toppers. I love Twilight and would love to find an alternative in a single form that is not $65. Because for me I don’t see myself reaching for this palette. The other shades I like, I have already. And the purple that would make this really stand out as a unique palette, is just a garbage eyeshadow.

If you have not yet given into the world of warm eyeshadow palettes, first of all – congrats to you for lasting so long! And second- this could work for you. But if you are like so much of the beauty world, you own most of these, and won’t use the rest X



Oh! If you couldn’t tell by all the links – I am currently having a giveaway! Enter through October 31st HERE!

2 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I’m not sold on the ‘eye-topper’ trend, they seem like half finished shadows, like they just couldn’t get a shadow right so they call it a topper. I keep looking at this palette but seems like a pass, thanks for the comprehensive info!


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