FENTY Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation #foundationfriday

Leslie here!! I am so excited to …announce? Yeah sure- let’s announce!!

I will be starting a Foundation Friday series, where a foundation review will be posted on the blog every Friday!  Now – this is not a new concept, I did not invent this, and many of my favorite gurus do some sort of foundation Friday. But! Foundation and skincare are my favorite categories to explore, so this is honestly more for me than it is for you 🙂

The First Foundation Friday is from Fenty Beauty! For F’s sake. And unless you are living under a rock in the beauty world, this will be the 1415646th review you’ve seen. So let’s go! POST HASTE! 

The Product

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (wow, spell check does NOT like that product name *angry*red*under*squiggles*), available in a HUGE range of 40 shades. 1.08 oz (she’s so extra) for $34.

fenty foundation

I actually only got a sample (whaaaat??) so this is all I have to show for it (don’t be afraid to ask for samples in Sephora- they can totally hook you up!)


I swatched literally ONE shade in the store and was like YEP. That’s the one! That shade was 170, which is described as being for light skin with cool undertones (me, me me!).

There has been a lot of chatter about this foundation oxidizing, but I think there is some misunderstanding of what ‘oxidizing’ means. When a foundation oxidizes, it chemically reacts to the air, your skin, your other products. It doesn’t necessarily get darker – it does change color, and usually will get a bit more orange. The Fenty foundation, in my experience does not oxidize in this way. What it does do is dry down. Think of it like wall paint, and how paint is much lighter when it is wet. Now think about painting your face as thick as a wall.


Here is a fresh swatch next to a swatch that has been left to dry for at least 10 minutes:


Same shade! only 10 minutes apart! So keep that in mind when selecting a shade in store.

The Claims

Medium coverage in a matte finish, suitable for ALL skin types. (the claim- not my words..)

A soft matte, long-wear foundation with buildable, medium to full coverage, in a boundary-breaking range of shades. ..gives skin an instantly smooth, pore-diffused, shine-free finish that easily builds to medium to full coverage. The oil-free formula is made with climate-adaptive technology that’s resistant to sweat and humidity, and won’t clog pores so that wherever you are, it’s going to work on your skin. Best of all, this longwearing, light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin—so you always look like you. 


This foundation also contains a mess load of silicones. Which do a decent job of smoothing out the skin (that is their purpose in things like this) but actually do not mix well with oil, as in, oily skin. Fragrance is also added, but I don’t notice anything over powering. And there is, sadly, no sun protection.

The Application

Like I’ve already gone over – the foundation does dry down to a bit of a darker shade than when first applied. Another thing it does as it dries down is set it self. I found no need to powder any time I wore this, except to actually add some luminosity all over with a glowy powder. As it is also verrrrry matte. Very matte.

Some other things I noticed during my first application (which was with a brush for reference): dries quickly, kind of patchy, looks heavy in areas and accentuates texture – but no settling into fine lines or pores. It kind of set on top like a mask, so proper prep is essential.

That being said- I feel like I have a pretty good canvas right now, and I properly prep. So if I had problems with application, I feel like most anyone would.

I prefer application of this foundation with a sponge, as the moisture from a damp sponge helps to take away some of that dry, matte feel. It looks more natural. There is less coverage this way, but it is buildable in the areas I need a bit more coverage.

The Wear

I had HIGH hopes for this. It claims to help with oil and be long wearing. I found neither of those to be true.

The foundation started to pool up around my nose. I haaaate that, and will simply not stand for it. I was shiny, but still very dry and dehydrated. My skin looked patchy, and the foundation was wearing down/fading in the weirdest way.

By the third day, I couldn’t bring myself to try it again.

REAL QUICK – I did get a samp of the primer, but I’ll be doing a whole post on that coming soon!

The Verdict

The expansive shade range aside, I think this is a miss for the brand’s first foundation release. I’m not really sure who’s skin it would work for, as it remained very drying and patchy, but also got pretty greasy. It does not last very long at all, and looks pretty terrible on the skin. So probably not even a good option for mixing in. Pretty glad I only got a sample to try!!


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