Milk Makeup Blur Stick – Review!

Hello lovelies, Leslie here! I’ve got a real back log situation going on here- so many things to write up my thoughts on but so little time! Squeezing a review in today of the real-popular-there-for-a-second Blur Stick from Milk Makeup. One of my biggest concerns is skin texture, so of COURSE this called to me. Let’s see how it performs!

The Product

Milk Makeup Blur Stick – 1 oz for $36, available at Sephora. A colorless, oil- and silicone-free primer to blur the look of imperfections on all skin tones.


This product is a solid form packaged in a twist up stick kinda like a deodorant. Kinda weird- but weird can be good, right? sure.

The Claims

Blur Stick minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines on every skin tone for an invisible, smooth, matte finish. Use it as a primer for a smooth finish and to lock in your makeup. This stick is free of silicone, and it will not clog pores. 

Now, I can’t think of a single time someone was able to rub something on TOP of their makeup without ruining, but what do I know.

Also- this has added fragrance. Why companies feel the need to add fragrance to a face primer is absolutely beyond me.

The Application

The size of this product makes it really difficult to apply- especially in the areas I need to fill pores. Getting all up in my nose crevices is impossible with this stick. And the product doesn’t glide that well over skin, so I find that it tugs and pulls too much, and no thanks please don’t stretch out my skin and give me wrinkles. 🙂

As for formula, this is very lightweight and silky. It feels like nothing, but it also feels….like it does nothing. It does smooth out the skin a little, but it is nothing drastic. It seemed a little hard to blend out, probably because the damn stick packaging.

I did not test this on TOP of makeup but I can guess how that would go, considering how much it tugs at your skin while applying.

The Wear

This product was….ok? I didn’t notice anything terrible happening throughout the day, but I didn’t notice anything super amazing either. Like, I didn’t look in the mirror and say “DAMN GINA” or anything like that.

The Verdict


While cute and different, I think this product is more gimmick than performance. The way you have to apply just does not work, and it doesn’t really even blur that much. In my opinion, there are FAR better pore filling and ‘blurring’ primers out there.

Skip this option and pick up one of these instead: Benefit POREfessionalSmashbox Pore Minimizing Primer, Dr. Brandt Pore No More, or LUSH Magical Moringa.


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