Sweat Cosmetics Twist-Brush + Mineral Foundation SPF 30 – REVIEW!

Leslie here – and I am here to bring you a review of a seemingly perfect product. This easy, peasy mineral foundation IN a brush, with SPF and sweat resistance almost seems to good (and easy) to be true. So is it amazing, or nah? Let’s get into it!

The Product

Sweat Cosmetics Twist-Brush + Mineral Foundation SPF 30, available in 5 shades. I picked mine up in the second to lightest shade – color 200.


You get .09 oz for $42. POINT ZERO NINE of an ounce. Now I know the usual size of a liquid foundation is 1 ounce, and powders are typically no where near that – but they are at least a quarter of an ounce!

The product comes in a little jar, that you then screw into the bottom of the brush applicator.


The brush applicator is kind of bulky, sure. But it is very handy to keep with you for reapplication as needed. The brush twists down, and has a cap to keep it all neat and clean in your bag.


On the positive side, there are refills available (another tiny .09 oz container) for $24. So you won’t need to dish out $42 every time.

The Claims

A lightweight, three-in-one mineral foundation, skin care, and SPF 30 in a refillable, washable, twist brush that provides light-to-medium coverage on the go. Sweat’s Twist-Brush + Mineral Foundation SPF 30 combines makeup, skincare, and sunscreen in a convenient, tactical-grip twist brush for light-to-medium coverage that protects and repairs active skin. The breathable, dermatologist-approved performance powder won’t clog pores and is packed with natural, skin-loving ingredients, including antioxidants and vitamin E. Sweat on: this mineral foundation is 80-minute water- and sweat-resistant.

Tactical- grip brush, eh? whatever you say..

Let’s look at the key ingredients, and what might give it some skin care properties:

-Zinc Oxide (16%): Natural mineral that provides sun protection factor of 30.
-Milk Thistle Seed Extract: An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that aids in post-sun DNA repair.
-Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract: An antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient that helps skin resist stress and remain strong against pollution, UV rays, and extreme weather.
-Vitamin E: Super antioxidant that increases effectiveness of sunscreen ingredients, retains moisture, and aids in skin strengthening.

The Application

The first application is a little stunted, as you have to shake the powder down into the brush. And I never really felt like anything was coming out. I would shaaake, and swirl, and shake some more. And I realized that it WAS coming out- it just has no coverage. Like. At all.

I expected light to medium, or even an evening of my skin tone. But it came out so chalky and patchy, with no coverage. Here is a swatch I struggled to even get:


It just looks like a barely there, chalky, finishing powder. I definitely expected more coverage, and I have to apply another powder on top to even out my skin tone.

The Wear

I was already pretty fed up with this product at this point, due to the application. But! I still tested its wear throughout the day. This product made my face INCREDIBLY oily. Like that uncomfortable greasy when you just want to wash your face. Was it sweat proof? Well, maybe. But I base a lot of that on coverage staying power. And because this has none, it is hard to say if it is sweat and water proof.

The Verdict

I had such high hopes for this product! It seems like the perfect product: mineral powder foundation (hello oily, sensitive skin!), built in brush, easy to smash on and get out the door, sunscreen!

But this product is just bad. If you are looking for a sweat proof sunscreen, there are much better alternatives; in primer form like the Cane + Austin Prime & Protect, or in spray form to touch up throughout the day – I LOVE the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Mist.

Hard pass for me.


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