Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

Man oh man, do I love a new foundation! When I saw that Covergirl was coming out with a new foundation, I stalked its release and was able to scoop it up on Ulta’s website! I haven’t seen it in stores yet- but the drugstores around here are a little slow when it comes to new releases. So let’s see how the new Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation performs!

The Product

Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation, available in 14 shades (only 6 at Ulta); around $12 for 1 oz.


I picked up the shade 720 – Creamy Natural, which matches me perfectly when I am self tanned!


The Claims

CoverGirl’s Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation has a vitamin-infused formula with a special antioxidant and vitamin complex. Finally, a hydrating formula for beautiful, buildable coverage that glides on smoothly for a flawless look! This special antioxidant and vitamin complex plus SPF 20 work together to make your skin look healthy all day.


  • Give your skin a luminous glow
  • Available in multiple shades from light to deep
  • Oil free
  • Minimizes the appearance of oily shine
  • Lightweight formula

“Minimize the appearance of oily shine” is an odd way to phrase it.

This does have added fragrance, and it smells really fresh- like a cool cucumber spritzer on a hot day. So not terrible, but still not necessary for your foundation to smell pretty. ya know?

The Application

This is a very lightweight formula, and blends out REALLY nicely. I liked it best with a damp beauty sponge. It also almost feels cooling, like my face is getting a big drink of refreshing water- maybe the scent helps. It provides a good bit of coverage, that is buildable without getting cakey.

Oh. And one more thing. This makes my skin look AMAZING. Like- Snapchat filter, young, glowing, perfect, amazing. It really is like a ‘your skin but better’ type of situation.

The Wear

Because the finish of this was so beautiful, natural, and dewy, I was pretty skeptical of how it would last of my oily skin. And I found that it really depended on what I used in conjunction with it. My first few wears, it did really great until about hour 7.

But then I decided to repurchase my bae, Nyx ‘Set It & Don’t Fret It’ loose powder, and it made a WORLD of difference! Using my damp sponge to press the loose powder into oily prone areas really made this last a full 12 hours. My face looked youthful and glowing, but didn’t get too oily by the end of the day.

This foundation DOES oxidize a good bit, which can be tricky with shade matching. So that is something to consider with the wear of it.

The Verdict

I really like this one! It really does make your skin look healthy and glowing- but without leaving you oily or greasy. It lasts all day for me, especially when set with a powder. The added APF makes this a great, lightweight foundation for the summer!



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