WHYLD Skincare – New Favorite Face Oil?!

Hi my beauties, Leslie here! I am forever on the hunt for new skincare, and get super excited when I stumble across smaller, indie brands. Instagram is a beautiful thing, in that it leads me to so many new companies and brands I had never heard of! WHYLD Skincare is one of my new finds (&loves)! Read on to learn all about this great non-toxic line of natural, botanical skincare.

The Brand

WHYLD Skincare is focused on creating high quality, natural skincare for both men & women. Their products are formulated without silicones, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary fillers, artificial fragrance or synthetic colors, and are vegan & cruelty free. The products are produced in a small facility in Northern California- Made in the USA! They have a fantastic FAQ page with a ton of information on their philosophies and ingredients.

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They currently offer up 4 products- two better suited for men and two better suited for women. I picked up the Women’s Bundle, so let’s review!

The Products


this packaging tho

Their women’s line of products consist of the Active Botanical Cleanse ($36 for 4 oz) and the Youth Activating Elixir ($76 for 1 oz). Scoop them up together in the bundle for $99.  Use code INSTA15 to bring that down to $84.15!

The Claims

Active Botanical Cleanse: This gentle, naturally derived gel-based cleanser effectively removes stubborn make-up, excess oil and residue, without stripping the skin’s natural oil and moisture balance, or causing irritation. 


Contains loads of natural, botanical, and organic ingredients, all of which help to offer up anti-aging, gentle exfoliation, hydration, and defense against elements.

Youth Activating Elixir: This fast-absorbing, youth inducing facial oil is formulated with 17 active botanical oils and extracts that hydrate, firm, brighten, and tighten for smooth, radiant looking skin.


This can be used alone, layered, or mixed in with other moisturizers or foundation. And again- loads of natural, botanical, and organic ingredients!

Use & Application

Active Botanical Cleanse: The bottle of this cleanser seemed a little tiny at first, but you really don’t need much to get a good cleanse all over. It is a nice, clear gel formula, and works fantastic with my Clarisonic. Oh, and IT SMELLS AMAZING. I get sort of a citrusy vibe from the scent, but don’t see anything citrusy in the ingredients. But all of the fragrance is from essential oils and natural ingredients.

This cleanser really does make my skin seem brighter! While not being harsh, or over drying, it does a great job at deep cleaning and brightening my complexion. It’s effectiveness coupled with the glorious scent has made it my favorite cleanser to reach for!

Youth Activating Elixir: At first sniff- I was skurred. This oil/elixir is so strongly scented. And as someone with oily, acne prone skin, it was SCREAMING breakouts. All the rose, lavender, and rosemary for sure come through.

But holy crap you guys. This MAY have taken the spot of my tried and true, Tarte Maracuja Oil.

I know! I can’t believe it either!!

This oil is a tiny bit thicker, but absorbs well into the skin (if you use the right amount). And it really does ‘activate youth’! I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like my face just looks vibrant, plump, and young! I have even been able to mix in a couple drops into my AM moisturizer without getting overly oily throughout the day.

And while heavily scented, what you smell comes from botanicals with purpose like rosemary  and lavender. Rosemary, I learned after frantically googling if this would break me out, actually has a calming effect on skin. It also helps to tighten skin, and even helps with breakouts due to its antiseptic properties. My skin actually looks clear, bright, and balanced. I am completely obsessed with it!

The Verdict


The claims of both of these products are 100% spot on. The cleanser is gentle but effective; does not strip the natural oils, leaves skin bright and balanced. The elixir is AMAZING. It is so versatile, and does not cause me to breakout!! My skin is plump, balanced, and clear. I never want to be without this elixir!

Go check them out– and save 15% with code INSTA15 at checkout! I’m thinking about picking up the Men’s Bundle to try!


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