Deciem Hylamide HA Blur Review!

Leslie here! It’s been a minute since a new skin care review, so I’m here today with a review on the HA Blur from Hylamide! I love love love this brand and marketplace, so I was pumped to start trying this out. Let’s see how it went!

The Product:

Hylamide HA Blur Prismatic Blurring Surface Hydrator, 1 fl oz for $19. Available at


The Claims:

This is a makeup base/primer that uses hyaluronic acid to blur, minimize pores, hydrate, and plump. You can read more about the benefits of hyaluronic acid in my acid post here! Claims to be SO compatible with all makeup, that it can be used under, over, or mixed with foundation.

The Application/Wear:

This is a pretty thick product. It does get along with foundations- I tried both under and mixed with. It doesn’t blur pores as much as things like Benefits Porefessional, but it does give a nice soft focus to the skin. Not overly matte, so you just look like you have velvety smooth skin that isn’t too fake looking. This is probably due to the heavy use of silicones in this product. If you are silicone sensitive- then you should probably stay away from this!

I, however, do not have a silicone aversion so that does not bother me about this product. What does bother me however, is how thick this product is. It sits really heavy on the skin. Even with super lightweight foundations, it makes my face FEEL like I have a thick layer of something on it. After a 10 hour day with oily skin in a fairly humid area- I can’t wait to wash my face off at the end of the day. It gets that almost gummy feeling.

That being said- it did not INCREASE any oiliness. My skin stayed pretty velvety and smooth throughout the day. It did not prolong the wear of makeup, and due to the heavy, gumminess, caused more transfer than usual when blotting.

The Verdict:

I think this would be fine for around a 6 hour wear- an event where you need to be velvety smooth all night and know that sometimes beauty is uncomfortable. But for everyday, with 10+ hour days? I don’t see my working this into my daily routine.



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