Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette – Worth the Hype?! (+RANT)

Leslie here, with another review!

I could probably start this post in a very similar way as the ABH Modern Renaissance post– “I resisted. I said ‘Leslie- you do not need aNOTHER eyeshadow palette with these types of shades.’ But after seeing YouTube video after Youtube video about how this palette is just straight up life altering- I made the move.”

So I got the GD Sweet Peach palette when it launched on the Too Faced website December 14th, and I’m here to bring you swatches, thoughts, and a *teeny* rant. This will be a long post- so buckle in!

First, let’s get this rant out of the way- skip down if you just want review and swatches!

This collection launched on the Too Faced website December 14th, and Ulta & Sephora December 15th. I chose to go the route, figuring I would support the brand directly (even though I get member rewards at the other two retailers.) In this order, I also ordered two of the Creamy Peach Oil Lip Glosses for Christmas gifts.

I knew they would be busy, I knew it would take a little longer to process due to volume. But a week later (3 days before Christmas), I still had not received a shipping notification. So I emailed customer service requesting to cancel my order, and just two-day shipped through Sephora for the Christmas gifts. I never (and still have not at the time of this post) got a response to the cancellation request.

On December 23rd, I received this email:

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.50.19 AM.png

Now- my order was placed on December 14th, at 7:41 AM. That’s pretty much the start of their window of promised orders. My Sephora order arrived on Friday, and by Saturday at 8pm when we began opening presents- still no Too Faced order. I thought – maybe they received my cancellation request and just decided to focus on orders that needed to go and would respond when they got a chance.

But on December 27th, I got a shipping notification from Too Faced. My order had been shipped, and it arrived the 28th. Two weeks after I placed it, and…after Christmas.

I work in distribution and fulfillment. I know quite a bit about packing and shipping out orders to customers. And I don’t make promises to my customers that I can’t keep. If you can’t get my order to me on time, don’t promise me that you will. And employ enough people so that emails can be answered and calls can be returned.

Maybe they need me to come work out their logistics problems…

**Too Faced has since sent out apology emails with a 40% off code. That’s great and all, but now that everyone has a 40% off code- everything is out of stock. You’re doing it backwards, Too Faced. Under promise and over deliver.

TLDR: This is not a new company, they knew the launch would be huge, and they shouldn’t have gotten customers hopes up about possibly getting these in time for Christmas.


The Product:

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection, $49. This palette is peach scented, and “Peach) Fruit Extract/Prunus Persica Fruit Extract” is actually listed on the ingredients list. The palette contains 18 shades – 6 matte shades, 2 that appear to be a matte base with glitter, 9 shimmer shades, and 1 satin shade (which swatches like garbage, so who knows what the finish actually is.) It has very few peachy shades, oddly enough.


The packaging is a very sturdy metal with a magnetic closure. And not to mention, adorable AF.


The mirror is pretty dang useless. The words take up half of the mirror, that already has a super wide border. It is not at all practical. I wanna see my whole face!


The Claims:

Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer-fresh year-round. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get your started.

  • infused with the skin-loving essence of peach
  • Smells like peaches
  • Rich, pigmented shadows offer true color payoff
  • Complementary for all skin tones
  • Everything you need to create limitless, timeless and modern looks
  • 18 Eye Shadows 0.95g/0.03 Oz.
  • Total Net Weight 17.1g/0.54Oz.

Swatches & Wear:

There are a few shades that are just complete throwaways, but the few looks I’ve created blend really nicely and lasted all day with a primer. I was worried at first that the strong scent (yes, it smells VERY much like peaches) would irritate my eyes or sensitive skin. But I didn’t notice any irritation or redness. The scent didn’t linger after application, either.


Jameson likes it.


White Peach, Nectar, Peaches ‘N Cream, Luscious, Cobbler, & Georgia. I like all of these mattes- great for lid base and transition. And the shimmers are all very smooth and creamy- although Luscious and Cobbler swatch very similar to each other.


Just Peachy, Candied Peach, Caramelized, Bless Her Heart, Bellini, & Puree. Puree is a very beautiful matte shade- I can see myself using this one often. It is very pigmented and blends out so well. Candied Peach is one with a matte base and gold glitter. I think you could probably blend the glitter away, but overall I think the shade is just a bit garish for my skin tone. Too orange. And all of these shimmer shades are lovely. Just Peachy & Bellini have a bit of a duochrome shift – Just Peachy actually blended out really nicely as a blush topper/ highlight on the cheeks! I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the green in this palette, but I love the tones of Bless Her Heart- it’s a very muted and wearable green with some gold tones.


Tempting, Peach Pit, Summer Yum, Charmed I’m Sure, Delectable, & Talk Derby To Me. Delectable and Talk Derby To Me are just straight up bad. These are heavy swatches- I rubbed that thing a TON. And that is the payoff. I have no idea how some people are getting great swatches of those shades like this one:


There is also fuchsia glitter in the matte navy of Talk Derby To Me? It’s all just no. And Tempting definitely is not a true black. But I personally prefer softer black shades if I need to smoke something out. Peach Pit, Summer Yum, and Charmed are winners for me. Peach Pit might be my fave in the palette!

The Verdict:

This is not a bad palette. Yes, my experience with Too Faced left a bad taste in my mouth – but I will be keeping this one! I love the smell- I keep opening it up as I write this! There are a few duds, but not enough to outweigh the ones that perform. And the shades that perform in this palette are REALLY good.

So treat PEACH yo self!



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