#GFF – Five Disappointing Products

Happy Gimme Five Friday! Leslie here 🙂

Raise your paw if you have been lured into buying a product because of YouTube or Instagram, only to think to yourself “What is all this hype for??”

Well I have…MULTIPLE times. Watching so many reviews and tutorials, you feel like you NEED all the things. But not everything works the same for every person. Today I want to share with you some products that everyone seems to go bat shit over, but just don’t work for me for some reason or another. Let’s get into it!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


I feel like everyone LOVES this, so I’ve tried it. I mean, I’ll try any mascara, let’s be honest. But it is a complete fail for me and I would never spend $23 on a tube. Maybe my lashes are too baby fine and little? I don’t know, but that GIANT brush makes mascara get all over my eye. And because I do my mascara AFTER my eye makeup- it pretty much ruins it. The formula is also very wet- which added to the mess. It was just a disaster.

The days I wore it, it transferred to my hooded lid, which I will not settle for. “Leslie, they have a waterproof version!” I know- I tried it. I even purchased the full size and have since returned it. The formula and wand are so wet and messy that even pulling it out of the tube, mascara splattered out, onto my DONE face. Sure my lashes were big AF- but mascara was all over my face too.

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner


Let me first say, this formula is legit. If they would sell this formula in a pot I would buy the shit out of it. It will stay on your eyes forever. BUT. This applicator is the absolute worst. I have no idea how anyone can make it work for them. You have to twist up the product like a push pop, and the gel should come smoothly out of the tip. However, every time I go to use it, like you see above, what comes out first is the hardened bit that you have to WASTE. It breaks off, it tugs, its not smooth. And you can forget trying to get a perfectly razor sharp wing with this. I would not recommend purchasing this product.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder


I decided to give this a go because I’ve seen so many YouTubers rave about it keeping them matte all day, and its so inexpensive. And I did give this a fair shot as a purse powder for a while, hence the packaging. But I just don’t get it. It does absolutely nothing for me. It is very chalky going on, not smooth or buttery-which I didn’t expect much from a $5 powder. But it also seems like it increases my oil production. And wouldn’t you know it- it contains coconut oil. Which tends to be one of the oils that does not play well with oily skin.

Lorac Pro Palette


I even cashed in my dang Ulta points on this! The shimmers are super pretty, and the quality is nice, sure. But I never find myself reaching for this. Shimmers aren’t my thing, and the mattes in this palette do not impress me. This is one of those cult palettes that I just don’t understand. The shade Nude however- stunning inner corner highlight!

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner


This is supposed to be one of those ‘dry clean’ type of products, where you can spray the brush, wipe on a paper towel, and its clean and ready to go! It does clean the product off- but it smells AWFUL. I’m talking overpowering vanilla to cover up the loads of alcohol you can still smell, awful. The smells does not go away, and the brush is not 100% dry- there is definitely a residue. And you think I’m taking this brush near my eye with that on it?? I don’t think so sir.

So that’s it for this ‘installment’. What over-hyped product has been a huge disappointment for you??


8 thoughts on “#GFF – Five Disappointing Products

  1. Loved reading this! Glad I didn’t cave in and try the Rimmel. For me, I have had no luck with Charlotte Tilsbury. I thought their eyeshadow palettes were overrated. For the price, there are better ones. Also, I am must be the only person that doesn’t like the By Terry Ombré shadow sticks. Haha. I guess everyone is different.

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  2. I love reading honest reviews! I agree on every product. I cannot believe that so many people love the BTS mascara. Same with the Push up liner, they did an excellent job marketing it but it just doesn’t work. I understand everyone is different and maybe these products do work for some but I would love to see it! I do use Stay Matte in my bag for touch ups, while it’s not the best it’s a cheap fix in a jam. I hope you continue doing posts like this.

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