Tuesday Reviews-day: Ole Henriksen VoxBox

I got another VoxBox in the mail! If you aren’t familiar with Influenster, it is a one stop shop for discovering, sharing, and reviewing products. They have reviews on products in every category you could think of! And the best part is – you can get free stuff! The more you are involved in the community by sharing and reviewing, the more chances you’ll have to qualify for a VoxBox. This one is like my 4th or 5th one full of free products to sample, just by staying active. As long as you continue to interact with the program, you’ll be eligible for product!


This box is from the Ole Henriksen line of skin care, available at Sephora. I have only tried like a little foil packet of something from them, so I am excited to get this kit!


The main event of the box is the new POWER Bright™, 3-step professional strength brightening system. Above you can see the 3 steps.

On the left, step 1, is the Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask. It contains sugar, honey, and pomegranate seed powder to polish the skin and prep for the next steps. You are supposed to massage this in and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. For me, this step was uncomfortable. The natural exfoliants in the scrub are just too chunky and coarse for my sensitive skin. It does smell nice, and was fine after I stopped massaging in. But I just don’t prefer physical exfoliants. (This item is available on its own)

In the middle, step 2, the Truth 25 Percent Vitamin C Concentrate. That is a LOT of Vitamin C. This step felt very much like a thick lotion that wouldn’t rub in. Kinda like that sunscreen that just stays perpetually white no matter how long you rub? This step did sting noticeably when I applied it. But the tingling/burning only lasted for less than a minute. And again, it smells great. All of these products have a very citrusy scent to them. Oh, and you leave this on 2-3 minutes, and do not rinse off. This item is only available in the kit.

Last, step 3 is applied over step 2. This is the Pure Truth™ Melting Cleanser, and it too is available on its own. This is applied over the 25% concentrate and left on for 10-15 minutes (are you adding up as we go? There’s a test later). This step is supposed to activate the layer underneath, and you are supposed to feel a warming sensation as it does so. Maybe I’m crazy, or it was lessened by the previous harsh steps, but I didn’t feel this warming sensation. When that is done, you wipe away with the complexion sponge that is included. I forgot to use this – I just used a damp cloth!

So after a whopping 17-28 MINUTES, how was my face? It was a little brighter I guess. It was soft, and smooth. I did not see any redness from the seemingly harsh products. But nothing drastic enough to make me feel like I needed to purchase more.

TLDR; not worth the time OR money (for me). Just get a good daily serum, like….


The Ole Henriksen Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster. This is meant to be used in the morning, as most vitamin c products are, and it is oil-free! Oil-free is something I look for as far as anything that is going on my face in the AM. I have been using it right after cleansing and before any moisturizer or primer. It absorbs very fast, and has that same citrusy scent. I think it does brighten and firm by supporting collagen, and I have been looking for a great daily Vitamin C serum. So this might be purchased when I run out of the trial!


Lastly, the oil-free Sheer Transformation® was included (they sure do trademark a lot of ‘phrases’, huh?). This seems like a simple day moisturizer, but it is a moisturizer that DOES things – something that I would prefer. I like for my skincare to be multi-taskers. It too contains Vitamin C, and claims it will refine skin texture and even fade dark spots. I think I’ll need more time with this one to really see if those hold up!

So those are my thoughts on the Ole Henriksen VoxBox – I kind of wish the Invigorating Night Treatment™ was in it instead of the Power Bright; I have been DYING to try that!

Oh, and you should totally sign up for Influenster. Its FREE and cool and stuff :).


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